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Today:- Do you want to marry at the age of 14, you must be in Spain. Yes, till now a couple could get married at such an early age ..!! No, not in a church or a temple but with Judge’s permission in the court.

It sounds very weird and strange but it is true that in a developed country like Spain they use to give permission for child marriage. It is so surprising that we are so advanced and progressive, at least from the point of view law. in most of the cases or aspect of life, we Indian used to see a developed country as a trend setter. So we must be care full now. It is true that all bright things aren’t gold.

The law of Spain is also getting matured so now they allow marriage at the age of 16, that’s why they have increased the age to match the age with other European countries. Many organizations which were for children like UNICEF have welcomed this decision.

One of the Spanish newspaper has reported that since 2000 to 2014 only 365 marriages took place as teenagers less than 16.

After the changes in the law, the early age perception is decreasing day by day. In 2014 there were only 5 couples who married at the age of 16 yrs.

We Indians always do hue and cry that we are so backward that we still have culture of child marriage but our law observes all the aspects of life precisely.

Child marriage in Europe,you must be surprised to know that still many European countries practice child marriage. Germany, Britain, Italy and many more European countries have a law of marrying at the age of 16 yrs. In France, Sweden, Belgian and other countries have legitimate marriage at that is 18 yrs.

On the other hand the average age of marriage is increasing day by day. According to the study of Catalonia , the average age of marriage for male was noticed to be 33.6 yrs and 32.6 for females.

This study also indicates that youth of Europe is becoming matured. But concept of early age marriage of Spain can’t be admired in any way.

Whether it is due to ignorance of law or the society, teens should not be burdened with the responsibility of family. At this age they should get support from family to play, study, have fun and enjoyment in a healthy environment.

By:S.Noor and Tanya Kabeer (Teennews1 Network Team)

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