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Want To Travel In Space ??….Think Twice

Today:- When you get bored on earth…don’t you also think… “Wish I could also get a chance to go to space”…But do you know even if we get will we be at the same comfort level?
At times I do think, are we human beings suitable for a space travel? When we go to space can we tolerate the conditions out there? What are our chances of survival? What effects can it have on our body? The curiosity in me makes me ponder ….Guess, you guys, also at times, think about space travel and its consequences on our body…as space travel sounds very thrilling for most of us…isn’t it?
Let’s go into details and know the facts how profoundly it affects human body –
Immediate feeling—-
A human body is not made for space. So the alien environment changes both anatomy and physiology of our body. We are 60% water and in the free-fall of space, our body fluids float up, make our faces puffy. “Your head actually feels bloated,” said Mark E. Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut who flew on four space shuttle missions. It kind of feels like as if you are hung upside down for a couple of minutes. Sometimes you might find your arms floating in front of your face in the morning …Reaction is… “Who’z that?”… Just to realize a moment later that it is actually yours.
Other Impacts—-
Spine gets stretched .The growth spurt happens because microgravity allows the spinal disks between vertebrae to relax and expand and takes few months to return to normal after getting back to earth.
Muscle mass starts shrinking in a weightless environment. So exercise and good nutrition is very crucial to maintain them.
Bone-density also becomes thinner much alike osteoporosis situation. About 1% is lost every month if astronauts don’t exercise regularly. Hence makes the bone brittle and chances of bone fracture increases once they are back on earth.
Vision loss can also happen according to a NASA research. They saw hints of swelling in their optic nerves and blemishes on the retinas of astronauts. Ultrasound images showed that their eyes had become somewhat squeezed.
It messes up with many things like- can depress our immune system.
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