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Waseem-Harshita duo back on the small screen!

Today:- Feb – STAR Plus’ new show Tamanna has finally rolled out on the small screen from the 1st of February, 2016. This show is about Dharaa, a simple girl who houses an unconventional dream of becoming a cricketer.
We all know Harshita Ojha who won the hearts of the audiences as Veera on the show Ek Veer ki Ardaas…Veera on STAR Plus.The director of the show, Waseem Sabir was hell bent on casting Harshita Ojha as choti Dharaa on Tamanna. The duo have worked together before and have managed to leave a magical impact on the audience. He says, “When it came to casting choti Dharaa, in my head I knew I had to cast Harshita for the role. Having worked with her in Veera in the past, she is an extremely talented girl and I’m glad that everyone in the team agreed to my choice.”
Harshita Ojha is all pumped up for her new show Tamanna, she adds, “I was very happy with working with Waseem sir again. Also, I enjoy playing cricket, so I didn’t think twice before taking up this role.”
We only hope that this duo manages to recreate the same magical experience they did with Veera.

Watch Harshitaa as choti Dharaa on Tamanna from Monday to Sunday at 10.00pm on STAR Plus.
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