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Watching Cartoon might not be so bad…..

Today:- Jan – Watching cartoons might not be so bad for your Kids after all. By paying attention to what they are watching, parents can manipulate the way their children think and act Cartoons not only curb their curiosity, but also boost creativity. Studies have shown that Kids want. To try things that are new and unusual and thus, they are attracted to cartoons. By keeping a tab on what they watch and keeping them away from shows that display violence, cartons can be used for better upbringing. If they are based on themes of friendship, moral values team effort and happy endings, Kids tend to practice such values in real life, too. On the other hand, those that Show violence tend to negatively impact them and Kids turn out to be nervous, aggressive and disobedient. Additionally, they not only become insensitive and unaffected by difficulties, but also tend to consider violence normal. Keep the following tip s in mind before you introduce them to cartoons:
Allocate a certain number of minutes for cartoons. They can be used as rewards to get the child’s daily tasks accomplished.
Discuss the cartoons and explain the good and bad values in the story. In case it shows violence, explain to them why such behaviour is not right.
Help them observe the little things the characters are trying to say so the child can model its behaviour after the character.
Cartoons that make kids laugh can also be a good form of exercise.
Healthy eating habits can be introduced if the characters are shown to be mindful of what they are eating.
Don’t let cartoons take over their social interaction and outdoor game time.
By Teennews1 Network Team

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