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Water Your Plant From London …..Techno – Gardening A Boon

Today’s generation is as fast as a car racing, no one has time for things like gardening. Those who are hard core fans of gardening are disappointed because they simply don’t have time. Now no worry, you enjoy your evening in Paris and water your plant from there.

“GREENOPIA” a smart gardening will help you take care of your beloved garden in your absence, its just one touch away.
This app allows the user to water their plants from any part of the world. It will also act like a guide for beginners. The smart pot has sensors to detect whether your plants are receiving enough water, sunlight and you can even check and control soil moisture. The user can perform all such activities as long as the mobile has signals.

The founding team of “GREENOPIA” consists of Mayukhini Pande, who heads the research at Greenopia, Devyani jain, the UX design lead, Mani HK, the CEO and Veethika Mishra, the visual designer. Sudhakar damodaran, headed innovation in the infosys design unit and is now a full time farmer and their chief farming expert.
By:Tanya Kabeer(Reporter) Teennews1 Network Team

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