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Ways to master the sexy slick-back look

Today :- Jan – A popular style in the 1950s, the slick back-look has seen a resurgence of sorts over the past few years. Whether you sport long or short hair, the slick-looking to make a bold yet sexy style statement. Many celebrities have pulled off the look with elan, and have interestingly slicked their hair back and left it loose, rather than tie it into a ponytail. The look is red hot on the red carpet too, with stars like Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian stylishly sporting it. The look, however, is not too hard to do. Here‘s how to get the look….
• Wash your hair and blow dry it. Spray you hair with a good hairspray all over:
• Using a brush, pull a section of your hair from the root to the ends. This Will straighten out your hair and add volume. Use the dryer as you go. Do this for the entire length of your hair.
• If your hair is particularly wavy, use a straightener to straighten out the back of your hair.
• To finish, brush hair from the front hairline, back to the nape of the neck
• Apply hair gel, if you want you to get the wet look.
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