Home Astrology Weekly Love and Relationships Forecast This Week (21-09-2015 – 27-09-2015)

Weekly Love and Relationships Forecast This Week (21-09-2015 – 27-09-2015)

For singles, time is improving gradually for having a good relation with a member of opposite sex and enjoy the pleasures of life. But time is not so favorable for making ling term relations. For married couples, your life partner is likely to be more responsive and accommodative to your needs and desires.

For singles, who found their love recently, time is favorable for spending time together. Married couples will not find this period a favorable one. Differences over one issue or another is likely to make you feel uncomfortable. We are advising you to be more flexible and accommodative of the likes and dislikes of your spouse.

If you are hunting for a love partner, do not get carried away by just looks. For married couples the life partner will think on same wavelength as you. You may get depressed after remembering your childhood crush. Old contacts are likely to get revived.

Singles are likely to enjoying parties and hanging around with loved ones. They may meet a member of the opposite sex with whom they may have a long term relationship. Although, you will not be too keen on committing to a long-term relationship in the starting. Married couples are likely to make efforts to maintain cordial relationship with their life partner.

Singles are likely to be passionate about falling in love and enjoying intimate moments. Those already in a love relationship may not be able to spare quality time for their beloved. Married couples shall feel happy and contented. They will have good time with each other.

Singles are likely to be highly passionate and willing to enjoy intimacy with their love. However, we are advising you to stay away from pleasures without first firming up the relationship and getting a long-term commitment. Married couples shall have fun with their life partner.

Your relation with an old friend is likely to be negatively this week. We are advising you to have batter communication on your part to solve this problem. Go for a restaurant or picnic place. Try to sort out differences. Married couples are likely to be unhappy due to conduct of your life-partner.

if you are already in a relationship, you are likely to be under pressure from family to settle down. If you are lstill searching for your soulmate, you may not be so lucky. You to make new social circle and to attend social gatherings to increase your chances of meeting the right person. Married couples are likely to have a intimate time together.

Singles searching for a romantic relationship are likely to be disappointed. You may not get the right opportunity to express your feelings with your special one. Married couples are likely to be more busy with other works and shall not be able to give enough time to their spouse. We are advising you to be more sensitive.

Singles who are planning to develop an intimate relationship with a member of the opposite sex will get disappointment this week. You may be unable to express your feelings. Married couples shall enjoy a intimate relationship, both physically and emotionally.

The planetary positions seem to have a negative impact on relationships in general. Singles may not be able to make significant progress in their relationship with loved ones. Planetary position are likely to adversely affect harmony between married couples.

Singles will be more busy in career related activities and thus may not be able to give time to love relationship. Married couples are likely to continue to remain unhappy with the never-ending expectations from their life-partner. Stay cool and try to be senstive.

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By: Shailesh Srivastava

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