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Weekly Love and Relationships Horoscope This Week (06-09-2015 – 12-09-2015)

Aries (21 Mar – 20 Apr)
Those singles who are planning to have close relationship with loved ones are likely to face competition from a friend. You must act gracefully; do not show your dissatisfaction publicly. Married couples may feel that their life partner not responding to their desires,needs and not reciprocating their feelings and emotions.
Taurus (21 Apr – 21 May)
Singles are likely to yearn for some physical intimacy with a person of the opposite sex. Married couples will face some difficulty in there married life. Don’t act as over possessive and give some space to your life partner to make her/him feel relaxed and comfortable.
Gemini (22 May – 21 Jun)
During this week singles will enjoy the company of right person during some social gathering. Those already in a relationship will take their relationship to the higher level. around Wednesday-Thursday you will enjoy a good times with your loved ones. You can plan for a pleasure trip on these days.
Cancer (22 Jun – 22 Jul)
If you are a single you will serious thought about taking your relationship to the higher level and settle down. Those who are married Nothing very eventful is likely to happen this week. Give some quality time to your spouse otherwise he/ she may feel that you are becoming indifferent.
Leo (23 Jul – 22 Aug)
This week you are likely to feel a passion to enjoy the pleasures of life with a member of the opposite sex whom you like. However, circumstances will not support singles in fulfilling their desire.

Virgo (23 Aug – 22 Sep)
This week you will have cordial and intimate rapport with your partner. You will once again feel the old spark. Singles are likely to be keen on enjoying some intimacy in a new relationship.
Libra (23 Sep – 23 Oct)
Time seems favourable for ones seeking a companion to enjoy the pleasures of life. Both of you seem to be on planes of thinking. You must relax because this is only a temporary phase.
Scorpio (24 Oct – 22 Nov)
This week Singles are likely to focus on career-related activities and as a result they are unlikely to have sufficient time or for romantic activities. Married couples are likely to get along well with their life-partner. Though, you will find it difficult to send good time with life partner.
Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec)
Singles will enjoy a good time with a member of the opposite gender. Married couples will feel happiness this week and enjoy the pleasures of life.
Capricorn (22 Dec – 29 Jan)
Unpleasant surprises are are on the way for singles from their new relationship. You are likely to be shocked by the behaviour of your loved one. Put your ego aside. Relax and talk to your loved one with open heartedness and try to find the reason behind it. Respect the feelings of your loved ones.
Aquarius (21 Jan – 18 Feb)
Singles may get into a new relationship. Some friend or social gathering will help in this regard. For married couple, Wednesday and Thursday are good days for relationship.. But you must find some ways to give quality time to your loved ones during your busy schedule.
Pisces (19 Feb – 21 Mar)
Singles planning to build new relationships needs to be extra alert. Those who are in a relationship will feel some problems. Married ones are likely to have some serious disputes with life partner.


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