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Weekly Love and Relationships Horoscope This Week (13-09-2015 – 19-09-2015)


Things are not likely to be easy for those who are already in a relationship. They will have to demonstrate great skill and understanding to maintain relation. For married couples, things will be normal. Singles will try hard to have an opportunity to make an intimate relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Things will not be so easy for them.


You are going to have a memorable time with your spouse. Both of you will have understanding for each other’s expectations. Both of you are likely to be keen to accommodate each other. If you are already in a love relationship you are likely to take your relation to higher level. You are likely to enjoy the pleasures of love life.


Today you are likely to meet one of your old friend, you may plan to make close relation ship with that person once again. You will remember old times with them and see a future full of closeness together. Both are likely to decide to meet again. Those who are already in a steady relationship are expected to have intimate time with their beloved.


You will not going to have an enjoyable time in love life this week. Those who are in a stable relationship, but who are yet to make a commitment, are also likely to get confuse. Singles who are looking for a love partner are likely to be disappointed this week .


Unmarried will face pressure from their family to stop going around with beloved, and take your love relationship seriously and start thinking in terms of tying the wedding knot. Singles will have fun time. Marital life is likely to be good this week.


This week you may have minor differences with your spouse. Try to make your batter half happy. Go on a movie or a to a romantic dinner. Singles will try hard to enjoy the pleasures of life. 


You are likely to give more attention to your workplace today. Therefore, they will not give sufficient time to a member of opposite sex. Married couple may face some unhappy incidence. You will feel emotionally down. You must stay calm in any unpleasant circumstance.


Singles will try to make a long-term relationship with a member of opposite gender. They may plan to marry someone of their choice. Married couples will maintain a cordial relationship with their spouse. They will have a romentic conversation with their spouse.


Married couples are likely to plan a visit for a movie or for a romantic trip or to a tourist destination this week. Position of planets are favorable for love life. This week you and your loved one will enjoy some quality time together. This will increasing a sense of belonging.


Married couple will enjoy intimate relation with their loved one. They will have opportunities of enjoying physical pleasure together. Singles, already in a relation, will not get the chance of enjoying physical intimacy. But they may will be able to strengthen the emotional bonding between each other.


For those who are waiting for special person in their life. You may get a chance to start a relation of life time. You will have good chances to have a memorable time with your loved one. Spending a quality time with your special person will help you to understand each other better. Married are likely to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with your spouse.


Those who are in a new relationship may face some instability in their relation with a member of the opposite sex. They may get worried about the long term prospects of the relationship. Relations with your spouse are likely to get disturbed this week. Differences over some not so important issues in domestic matters seem to be the main reason.

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By:Shailesh Srivastava


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