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Weekly Love and Relationships Horoscope -This Week (19-10-2015-25-10-2015)

If you can forgive and forget old unpleasant moments, this week is a suitable week for re-strengthen your marital relationship. Singles searching for a suitable love partner may get disappointment this week. Those already in a love relationship will think to atke their relationship to higher level.

Singles may feel confuse about the direction of their love relationship. They may make efforts to understand their love partner batter. Married couples are likely to enjoy intimate moments with their life-partner.

We advise you to forgive and forget old disputes and make a fresh start in your love relationship. Married couple should give some space to their love partner. They must behave flexible and learn the art of looking things from the other’s perspective.

You can meet a person of opposite gender in a social gathering with whom you may decide to have a long term relationship. Married couples will have a relatively tough time in relation with your love partner.

Singles may receive a proposal from a person of opposite gender to have a love relationship. You are likely to focus on your career and finances. You may neglect romantic part of your life this week. Married couples are likely to spend happy time with their partner and will enjoy the worldly pleasures fully.

Singles will feel lucky as they are likely to maintain very intimate relations with a member of opposite gender. Married couples are likely to have an enjoyable time with their spouse.

You may remain over busy to improve your career prospects and in self-development. You are likely to ignore your love partner’s expectations and desires. If you are married, You are likely to remain dissatisfied with the insensitive behavior from your life partner.

Singles are likely to search a member of opposite gender to make a heartfelt relationship. Your spouse may not pay much attention to your expectations and needs. Behave more understanding and adjective, as things are going to be favorable soon.

We advise you to make your best efforts to maintain cordial relation with your life partner. You are likely to have some serious misunderstanding with your spouse. Keep your emotions in control and calm down. Singles trying to build a long-term relationship need to wait for a while.

Singles are likely to get an invitation for having a relationship from a person of another city. Married couples may feel some kind of dissatisfaction in their relationship.

You are likely to meet one of your old friends. You may plan to make close relationship with that person once again. You will remember old times with them and see a future full of closeness together. Both are likely to decide to meet again. Those who are already in a steady relationship are expected to have intimate time with their beloved.

This week you may have minor differences with your spouse. Try to make your batter half happy. Go on a movie or a to a romantic dinner. Singles will try hard to enjoy the pleasures of life.

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By: Jyotish Mitra

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