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Welcome Back is stale food with new packaging

Today:- I went with my friends to watch Welcome Back expecting to get a double dose of fun and comedy. As Welcome, the prequel was a family entertainer, with peppy song numbers and the show stealer Majnu and Udai Bhai.
Welcome Back might be on the verge on entering hundred crore clubs, but the script is handicapped and is supported by some outstanding performances by Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor.
The plot of the movies is that Majnu and Udai Bhai are still unmarried and are desperate to become love duck, but bad luck always has the last laugh. Their desperation was no secret, so mother daughter con duo, played by Dimple Kapadia and Ankita Srivastava made a plan to con both of them.
Dimple Kabadia as Maharani of Najafgarh, which is her fake identity, flaunted her daughter for marriage, but the contestants were two, so trying to maintain win-win situation, Ankita played her cards well.
And all of sudden a surprise, Udai Bhai discovers that she has another sister (Shruti Hasan),Thanks to his daddy marriage disease and he has to marry her before he gets married.
During this entire episode Uday Bhai sister went back to India to give here exams and fell in love with John Abraham aka Ajju Bhai and somehow convinced her brothers for the proposal, but she didn’t reveal John original personality.
Earlier in the film Paresh Rawal came to know that that John is his wife illegitimate son, but her wife persuaded him and he accepted John as his son, but was devastated knowing that John is Hooligan.
When Uday Bhai and John met, Shruti Hasan convinced Uday for the marriage, but Majnu smelled the black dal.He inquired and came to know John’s real identity and revealed it to Uday Bhai on the engagement day.Udai and Majnu decided to take help from Wanted Bhai (Nassiruddin Shah) to finish John, but were rattled knowing the fact that the Wanted Bhai son Honey was in love with Shruti Hasan.
Now it was double trouble for them and how they manage to escape from all these troubles is all about Welcome Back.
The music disappoints and has sometimes been like torture. A Lot of eye candies like Sara Loren,Sakshi Maggo and Reema Debnath are used to get publicity hype.
On the acting front John Abraham disappoints , Shruti hasan looks steamy hot, but her Hindi pronunciation is pathetic, Paresh Rawal manages to live up to the expectations, but the star performers were Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar.
By: Abhilash Srivastava

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