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When Karan Johar took over the reign of Dharma Productions!

Today:- Feb – While love was in the air on the sets of India’s Next Superstars while shooting the Valentines special, Bollywood’s ace director and judge on India’s Next Superstars Karan Johar had an emotional moment on the show.

When the show’s contestant Ahmed, expressed about his sorrow to leave his family behind in Canada and come to India to chase his dreams, Karan became teary eyed on remembering his late father. Karan shared a moment with everyone right after his father’s death, he was emotionally broken and had little idea what to do with the empire his father had left behind for him to work on. Karan was in fact part of the business when his father was alive and learnt a great deal from him. But after his father’s demise, Karan expressed his restlessness on being the sole heir to Dharma Productions.

He said that after his father’s death, he had never seen the business side of Dharma productions. He thought about collaborating with another production house because of his lack of knowledge. The thing he remembered explicitly was sitting on a Sunday morning, meeting his CA for the first time and meeting his office boys for the first time. That’s the moment when karan realised the mountain of responsibilities had had!

Karan said, “It’s his aura and blessings that has made me what I am today, that’s why I worship him and not anybody else”

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