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Who Is Making Teens Anti-Social…?

Who is responsible for the Anti Social Behaviour of teenagers? Now its not a secret…
Raveena , a student of class 12 is extremely  short tempered and gets hyper very easily. Her parents often scold her for her naughty behaviour, but it doesn’t have any effect on her.  Mother and daughter constantly wrangle but Raveena and her decisions are always found to be dominating over her mothers. To talk in medical terms, Baron Cells is responsible for such behaviour in the teens.

Children’s odd behaviour in adolescence and irritability is not their fault, but it is due to Baron Cells. According to a study, the brain of the children in adolescence, does not work properly and so they should be treated with care and responsibility.

According to researchers, in adolescence, the formation of new baron cells is interrupted and this affects the behaviour of the children making them more short-tempered and irritable.

Their   behaviour is not only odd, but the brain does not work effectively too.  After scientific experiments conducted on mice, it was revealed that the interrupted growth of Baron cells makes children Anti Social. The Yale University researchers focused on neurogenesis. It is a process in which after birth, the Baron Cells are formed in a particular area. The process works faster in childhood and adolescence.  Neuroscience professor Erie Kaufmann wrote that this study is very important in understanding social development.

The study revealed that many mice spent more time with the other rats while those rats whose neurogenesis had  been blocked in their adolescence, showed little or no interest in the other rats. These rats showed that they could not recognize other mice. The blockade of neurogenesis during adultery does not alter the behaviour of an individual as it does during adolescence.

By: Ishani Singh and S.Noor

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