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Girls….Selfie May Lead You To Jail….

Today:- The craze for clicking selfies has been creating a havoc for girls and in some cases, the madness but this craze will be punishable in prison, so just be careful. Thailand’s government has declared ’breast seldies’ unlawful, punishable by up to five years in prison. If any woman will post these kind of material could face up to five years in jail. According to the report, craze of half breast selfie is increasing in south west Asia and after clicking , ladies post these pics on social media due to this cyber crime is increasing day by day. The 2007 computer crimes Act was broad and far-reaching, and bans any material the govt. feels might ” cause damage to the country’s security or cause public panic & which is accessible to the public. Culture minister of Thailand govt. declared, the punishment of prison will announce to those who will do this offence, but they didn’t mention how to recognise those persons. Because when people take breast selfies, no one can see their faces. Just avoid these type of thing because anyone can be curious to post these kind of material on social media.

By: Shahina Noor- Reporter- Translation- Jasleen Kaur

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