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Why are you chasing that person..?

Where are you? working..?? I just want to say hello to you.. no..no.. i won’t disturb you, it’s only for a few minutes..I only want you to get some relief which you deserve.

How do you feel when someone really loves you..?? when someone is really dying to meet you..?? A smile automatically comes on your face.. you adore the feeling that someone is really in love with you.. your one glimpse matters so much to someone.

But is it really true..?? No.. it’s not, that person loves himself/herself, that person wants to make himself/herself happy by meeting you. It was his/her need to see you..that person doesn’t want to feel deprived. May be he/she is feeling alone and this is making them crazy about you.

After sometime you start chasing that person and literally beg for their response but in vain.. so try to be self content.
By T.K.- Teennews1 Network Team

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