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Today:- Sex word attracts youngsters, they can understand this word in 8th to 10th standard and starts find their partner in young age to do practically this thing. Teen thinks that sex is very enjoyment part of life and they don’t want anyone intrude in their sex life. Youngster starts have sex without condom in 10th standard of school life, which develop diseases like Aids and cancer in young age. While having sex with condom reduce enjoyment, as they think. For only enjoyment they can take risk. This kind of enjoyment is the main reason for girls abortion in their teenagers.

According to the research teenagers are very keen to fulfill their sex desire. in this age student can do anything without take any first thought. In Britain’s research youngster take risk to have sex early to the adult age. Mostly teenagers doesn’t want to use condom while have sex, they don’t think that they are inviting various diseases like Aids etc. And for girls pregnancy and abortion is very traumatic physically and mentally.

Now government make people aware about this, they sell condom nearby school, colleges. And also shows street play. However teenagers live their life with their own desires. Research make teenagers understand that not to have sex without condom for their bright future.

By: Shahina Noor -Reporter-Translation Jasleen Kaur

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