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Why some persons don’t stay anywhere for a long time

Today;- Have you felt that, you don’t stay at a place for longer? You have to wander from one place to another place without any significant reason. Moles on the body can help you to understand the possible results of your journeys.
According to samudrik shastra, if you have mole in your feet, you will definitely make lot of journeys. These types of individual don’t stay at a place for long time. They walk with fast speed. If these types of persons choose their career in marketing, travel or tourism industry, they will surely get success.
If someone have mole in his or her heel or toe in right foot, he or she is likely to visit foreign countries. His/ Her visit will be fruitful. On the other hand, if someone have mole in his or her left foot, He / she will wander different places without any aim or purpose. His / Her trips will not give desirable results.
If someone have mole on his forehead, he will be extremely fortunate.
Mole in the right side of nose is an auspicious sign. If someone has this type of mole, he is going to achieve success in all the works he do. But to get success, he makes lot of travels.
If someone has mole in his back, he will love to live life with all worldly pleasures. They love to visit different places for fun and enjoyment. They love to travel and wish to go variety of places. Therefore they spend too much on travels and don’t focus on savings.
By: Shailesh Srivastava

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