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Why Sun Exposure Is Important For Us

Today:- Sun, sounds very familiar word, what’s new in it. Sun reminds us of intense heat, Surya Namaskar,beach fun, sweating palms etc, but there is much extra about sun in different spheres. Mathematically or astrologically Sun is called the father of the universe. It is believed that if Sun is strong in any horoscope, then the person will gain authority, strong determination, fame, prosperity etc.Everything you expect will be at your feet and it’s not a myth. But is based and proven by science. Here are some important facts about the Sun and why it is the most important star in the universe:- Fifteen minutes of sun exposure can eliminate your depression as it increases your level of serotonin. It prevents us from diabetes because deficiency of vitamin d increases the chances of type II diabetes. It boosts your fertility, as it reduces the level of melatonin in the body which suppresses fertility and also increases the level of testosterone in men. It seriously improves your immune system as it increases your white blood cells count in the body. It reduces the risk of cancer because vitamin D helps in preventing from cancer. It also helps us from cavities because vitamin d helps in absorption of calcium. Sun helps in the prevention from neurological disease like Alzheimer and Parkinson disease. And if due to any circumstances, you aren’t getting sun exposure, then you should eat food rich in vitamin d like fish, milk, eggs etc.
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