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Yeh hai Mohabbaten faced big disturbance in their shooting shedule

Today:- Jan-Television’s popular and most talked about show ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ recently faced a very big
disturbance in their shoot schedule. The show now goes on air back to back from Monday to Sunday; the production house barely gets a breather between the telecast and shoot of an episode.

The makers of the show are currently focusing on the entire Rinki murder track – to finally unveil the mole. While the production house and channel have been at their best to portray the same, but the same has come at the cost of health and sanity of cast & crew. Recently while shooting for the entire under –water sequence and crocodile track, the people behind the camera have faced a lot of complications owing to no bank of episode or the given Bombay weather right now.

Says a close source from production, “For entire sequence, the crew had to be in water i.e in the
river for good 10 hours to assure that the scene comes out well. Our shift that day had started at 7 in the morning and we packed up only at 3 in the night since it had look like a mid-evening sequence.

Next we know is, everybody had fallen sick or got some infection thanks to weather of Mumbai which has dropped down drastically. Having literally no bank at all, we’re having a tough time in
delivering an episode and juggling between our health and content of the show to make it look that real.

Leading to this, each episode is taking longer to shoot than the actual it takes to, leaving with no
holiday for cast & crew, just back to back shoot! Well, it’s a loss for the production house but at the same time a proud moment given the dedication of everyone who is a part of this show right from AD’s to spot boys.
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