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Young Bones –Joints Growing Old !!

The youth of today have started to get prone to diseases and orthopedic problems that are usually seen in people double or triple their age. Obesity, Diabetes and arthritis are some problems that weaken and degrade the bones. As per the doctors, rising obesity in youth, regular consumption of fast food, luxurious living and lack of exercise at an early age are the reasons that the bones and joints leave their position.
Due to increased use of fast food and eating habits, the body is not getting the required calcium and minerals. At an early age, the bone density decreases and weak bones replace the strong ones. This seems to be due to a modern lifestyle. Problems like arthritis render the knee useless at a young age but now a new technology can empower the damaged knees of the affected youth.
 A technique called orthoglide has started coming to use in India. When the knee is damaged or useless in the event of an active life, to give the patient the option of changing the knee often are adopted, but now thanks to orthoglide which has significantly reduced the need for knee replacement …. Also, in the youth, the issue of Arthritis and osteoarthritis is rapidly growing.

Today, about 30 percent of the country is suffering from knee arthritis. Most patients are between 45 to 50 years while 18 to 20 percent of patients are 35 to 45 years. Today at an early age people start chasing knee replacement but the main trouble for the youth to adopt this is that the replaced knee doesn’t last long. A knee replacement is required more often. For such youths arthoglide technique is very beneficial. The knee without knee replacement can be given new strength and patient generally is active.

According to doctors, such disorders are the most common cause of knee disability in India. This device has been designed in such a way that it boosts the performance of the damaged cartilage in the initial stage of osteoarthritis. It helps to relieve the pressure in prosthesis, adds to correct the alignment of the knee and helps to distribute the weight properly around it. Only two inches of incision is required to implant orthoglide during surgery. This incision is filled in about two weeks and the patient quickly resumes to their normal functioning of the knees.
By:S.Noor and Ishani Singh

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