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Yvonne Craig aka Batgirl dies

Today:- Superheroes or Superheroines are just like God to the children, who fights against the evils, protects the mankind and will always be there to help till the end of the world. We all grown feeding these legends in our minds and never know that when this fictional character is on the cusp of becoming a hero for everyone.
The harsh truth is that even super hero or heroines dies. Yvonne Craig, who first originated the role of Batgirl in the 1960’s famous ABC series “Batman” passed away this Monday. She died at the age of 78.
She died from the complications raised by her breast cancer that was spread to her liver. She was survived by her husband, Kenneth Aldrich, sister and two nephews.
The highlights of her career were the screen share with the iconic Elvis Presley, World Fair in 1963 and Kissing Cousins in 1964.She is also known for her performance in Star Trek (1969) where she played the role of an Orion slave girl.
Her last known work was the involvement in the production of documentary film “Birth”.
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