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Zoya Akhtar Prefers Dog Than Man

Today:- Why film director Zoya Akhtar considers a dog more intellectual than a man? What is a reason behind her thinking that only a Kutta(dog) can explain the philosophy of life or her film ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. May be she finds people stupid to make them understand her so called deep complicated hidden lines behind the great script.
But is she so suspicious about people’s intelligence? May be since her childhood she has developed a mind or sense that those who have surname ‘AKHTAR’ are the only one’s capable of understanding the deep and complicated philosophy and rest are all tube lights so to be explained by intelligent Pluto Mehra.
Yes,she was right as Pluto Mehra the respected Dog barked 3rd time with heavy speech audience became so scared that ,they came out from theatre and whispered outside theatre goers ,”never go there”.
One more reason to be used Pluto’s voice or dog’s help, was, she was suspicious about the acting talent of her casts. She was not sure that her casts will deliver the massage properly through their perfect emotion and expressions. For a very simple scene when Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma met in a swimming pool first time, there was nothing extraordinary to be explained. It was like a repeated scene from many films. But Pluto on behalf of Zoya started the commentary on each and every shot, which everybody was watching with naked eye. Oh, Zoya let the fiction be a fiction .
One big reason which must be considered is that she was not confident enough of her own direction skill. May be she was confused about the number of shots which were to be taken or which move should be given or which angle to be captured .So, clever Zoya in order to hide your own inefficiency you started giving a long lecture by your intellectual Pluto Mehra.
Generally most of the directors use song to highlight these kind of scenes. May be you wanted to save your money . You should requested your father to write some poetic lines….but you must be hesitating because he denied Karan Johar for title song ‘Kuchh Kuchh hota Hai’, he was afraid that it might sound vulgar. It was not his fault, he comes from that era where taking a girl’s or boy’s name ‘Bahut Kuchh Hota Tha’(many sensation started…)
Pluto Mehra served you so much but his name was not in the star cast ‘Yeh Toh Srasar Nainsaafi Ha Re’ total injustice man.
What was the idea behind using Amir’s voice for ‘Kutta’ dog. Zoya think Amir is the brand ambassador of all intellectual talks and preach. You are wrong Zoya, audience watch Amir due to his screen presence which communicates a lot. We watch his ear like signal catching Antina, eyes as two hundred watt bulb where we can read all untold meanings of the dialogue. His elastic skin which reflects emotions. In fact his, hair, hand all gestures act so well that we never mind his elaborate lectures.
But see our luck we ran from the theatre but got caught in our own houses again as we picked up the TV remote..
We don’t mind watching Queen, Dhoom 3, Three Idiots, Fashion,Baghbaan like films over and over again but ‘Dill Dhadakne Do’no..no…very heavy dose.

Zoya you thought Pluto Mehra will carry your name in the history as the name Dhanno is still remembered by generations to generations. You must be thinking ,only carrying actors from here to there, Dhanno has become so famous and immortal then why not intellectual Pluto. You were expecting to break the record of Sholay but no chance.

But you don’t be sad Zoya after the film Pluto Mehra bread came in demand. Leaving the theatre people directly rushed to doggy shop to book Pluto Mehra and bring cute,civilized, respected, intellectual dog at the cost of Rs.26 lakhs,16 lakhs and 9 lakhs. This fact revealed from a news story.

Zoya, I want to thank you for one thing that in this film ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’at least you spare women to be established too stupid, otherwise you and your brother Farhan Akhtar always use female character in a way that typical Bollywood macho film is ashamed of.
To highlight the sensibility and intelligence of a male character, is it necessary to portray a female character against him in a vulgar and stupid way.
Actually it is not your fault, your step mother Madam Shabana Azmi has not given you and your brother any lesson of feminism. After all she has proved that she is a typical step mother . Never expected… I will not forgive her for this disparity .
To Be Continued……..(Film ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ recently telecast on television)

By: Manasi- Edito & Publisher

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